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Exit Mundi: Foreseeing the End

Recent article I wrote about the End of the World! Always such a cheery topic. 

Am I the only one who hears the bizarre flutes coming from Lovecraft?

Photo courtesy of NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

H.P. Lovecraft is one of my favorite writers, despite his repeated egregious cop-out descriptions of the Old Ones: calling something “indescribable” and leaving it at that seems a tad irresponsible to me. Regardless, that guy was great, and so is this article explaining why Lovecraftians should be excited about Mercury.

An article I published earlier this year on the BU News site. THIS INFORMATION COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY:

Watch out!

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons User Radek Vitoul.

It was like a sudden B-horror movie infestation – on January 24th up to 15,000 crocodiles swarmed out of the confines of Rakwena Crocodile Farm and poured out into the South African Limpopo River. The scaly escapees were taking advantage of the swelling floodwaters that had forced their warden, farmer Zane Langman, to open the floodgates, disarming the bloated river’s threat to consume his family’s house. Since then the freed reptiles have been spotted up to 75 miles downriver, one bold enough to take roost on a school’s rugby field. Langman has pledged to recapture his ne’er-do-well crocs. This raises the question, how do you wrangle these crocodilian beasts?
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Happy Halloween!

So, it almost seems appropriate that I disappeared off the face of the Blog after my last very apocalyptic post…but really it was a matter of getting wrapped up in work, school, and daily life that kept me away. But I am back, and intend to stay!

More posts to come…