My name is Sara. Currently I’m studying science journalism as a graduate student at Boston University. This blog will document my various scientific interests with an emphasis on current news.

I graduated from Umass Amherst in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology and briefly considered a career in neuroscience; I subsequently realized my curiosity would never allow me to be faithful to one discipline for my entire career (sorry, neuroscience…it’s not you, it’s me). Spurred on by my growing concern for the American public’s science fluency, my penchant for writing, and my passion for all things science I decided the best option would be to write about what I love in such a way as to make people love it, too.

My interests generally run the scientific gamut but I tend to be drawn to neuroscience, evolutionary biology, psychology, microbiology, and anything that satisfies my craving for weird.

This is me! I’m the girl, not the zebra.